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If you ever have the intention of starting a career in Facebook Advertising, you should start with this practice test. In case you miss any questions, adequate explanations have been provided. . We highly recommend you to take this test.

  1. 10 questions in all. There is no time constraint, so take your time.
  2. Some questions have more than one correct answer, feel free to choose more than one option.
  3. You can retake the test at any time. We recommend you share with friends too.
Improve your Facebook Marketing Skill

#1. The following are Meta's Ad Placement Platforms except one.

All four platforms belong to Meta (formerly Facebook). However, WhatsApp is the only platform you can’t run Facebook Ads on at the moment.

#2. Where can you use a Facebook Pixel?

Select all that apply:

You can use a Facebook pixel (a set of tracking code) on a website, blog or e-commerce store. Facebook pixel helps Facebook understand the activities visitors engage in on your site with respect to your ads in order to improve performance.

#3. What does CPC mean in Facebook Advertising?

CPC means Cost-Per-Click. This means the average amount charged on a click.

#4. The following are Facebook Ads Marketing Objectives except one

Select all that apply:

Facebook Marketing objectives include Post Engagement, Video Views, Website Traffic, Reach, Website Conversions, Messages, Page Likes, and Event Responses.

#5. The following are Facebook Performance Metrics except_____

CTR: Click-Through Rate

Reached: Reach gives you a measure of how many people were exposed to your message during an ad campaign

Impressions: Number of times your ad was viewed on a user’s Facebook or Instagram timeline or the Audience Network.

RPM: Page revenue per thousand impressions (Used mostly in Ad networks)

#6. Some of the following options are Special Ad Category on Facebook. Identify them

Select all that apply:

Special Ad Categories on Facebook include Credit, Employment, Housing or Social Issues, Elections or Politics.

#7. 1.22 is an example of what Metric Result?

Facebook defines “ad frequency” as the average number of times users see your ad. This is usually given in decimal points.

#8. The longer a Facebook Ad runs, the higher its potential of better performance

Ads that run for a longer number of days often perform better.

#9. How many Ads can you run on a single Facebook Page at the Same time

You can run up to 20,000 ads, depending on your advertising and page strength. You can refer here for further clarification.

#10. You will find the following details on your Facebook Ad Manager except one

Friend Requests and Tags have to do with your personal Facebook account.




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Improve your Facebook Marketing Skill

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