Free course on Sustainable Fashion Ecologies: Sustainable Practices Across the Fashion Ecosystem

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Examine the global fashion ecosystems and how your interactions can contribute to long-term growth.

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About This course

The interdependence of clothing, people, and the environment is studied in fashion ecology. It looks at how different parts of the fashion business are tied together in often intricate ways, and how we need to look at each aspect individually to truly comprehend their worldwide consequences.

You’ll learn about sustainable practices and how they affect the fashion business in this three-week course.

You’ll also begin to consider what you can do as a fashion consumer to help establish more sustainable fashion ecologies.

Examine the impact of fashion on the environment and social justice.

You’ll think about your relationship with fashion, as well as your personal mindsets and behaviors in the context of fashion ecology, throughout the course.

You’ll discover how to define a fashion ecosystem on a personal and local level before moving on to global ecosystems to investigate social and environmental justice.

Learn how your own choices affect worldwide fashion.

The last week will focus on how individual mindsets connect with the global fashion ecology, with you being encouraged to develop a value-driven action plan.

Before examining the future of fashion, you’ll learn how personal activities interact with several sorts of fashion ecosystems.

At Parsons School of Design, you can learn from an industry professional.
You’ll be led by industry experts from Parsons School of Design, the country’s top design school.

You’ll leave with a thorough understanding of fashion ecosystems and how you may contribute to the development of a sustainable industry.


Week 1 Breakdown of Your Relationship Within Fashion Ecologies
Week 2: The Global Fashion Ecosystem as a Natural System Show weekly recap
Week 3: Aligning Your Personal Mindset and Actions to the Entire Fashion Ecosystem

In this course, you will be learning
This self-guided course allows you to learn at your own speed. You can meet other students, share your views, and participate in active conversations in the comments at any time during the course.

What will you accomplish?

You’ll be able to… by the end of the course.

Examine your own and your community’s fashion ecosystems.
Give an overview of the global fashion ecosystem.
Examine how your own choices affect the global and local fashion ecologies.
Create a personal action plan based on your principles.

Who is this course aimed at?

This course is for anyone interested in fashion and sustainability.

It will be especially helpful if you want to learn more about fashion’s social, environmental, and economic consequences.

Free course on Sustainable Fashion Ecologies: Sustainable Practices Across the Fashion Ecosystem ( Old run)

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