Free Online Diploma Course in Early Poetry Reading and Writing

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This free online course teaches you about aspects involved in the functions and forms of Early Poetry.

This free course, Diploma in Early Poetry Reading and Writing, will teach you about the fundamentals of poetry during the early eras of Elizabethan, Romantic and Victorian periods. You will learn about the early development of the critical poets during these periods, the different functions, and the poetic forms used. This course will also teach you about the relevance of poetry in everyday life and its impact on society during this time.

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Poetry is an expression of words that unblocks the mind to be creative without language’s usual conventions. In Early Poetry Reading and Writing, this course will teach you about poetry’s fundamentals during different periods such as the Elizabethan, Romantic and Victorian Eras. This course teaches you about the relevance of poetry, which covers the benefits of poetry and discusses it as a higher expression. During this course, you will learn about approaching poetry to understand the hidden meaning in the context of when the poets wrote the poems. You will discover the functions of poetry and the different forms that poetry takes on. Understanding these elements is essential for understanding poetry as a whole, which is why you will learn about poetic devices and the rhyme and rhythm of poetry.

If you find the Elizabethan era fascinating, the next section will uncover some of this era’s secrets. You will learn about the poetic forms and themes present in this age, emphasising sonnets and the poets who influenced sonnets’ use in the different formats. You will also learn more about the famous poets of this time, such as William Shakespeare. Next, the course teaches you about the romantic period. In this section, lyrical ballads and the forms poetry takes during this era will be disclosed. You will learn about the romantic movement, emphasising William Wordsworth, who declared this an ideological movement, along with Samuel Coleridge. Other influential poets during this time will be studied and explored.

Lastly, you will examine the Victorian era. This section will explore the themes that occurred during the Victorian era, highlighting, in particular, the dramatic monologue. You will also learn all about Robert Browning, who is considered the master of this poetic form and his wife Elizabeth Browning, who was also an influential contributor to poetry in this period. The course wraps up with teaching you about two other influential poets of the Victorian era. It is a great learning tool for anyone interested in poetry or language in general. Do you enjoy the beauty of the written word that expresses itself in a rhythmic form? Are you someone who enjoys emotive language and likes the intensity that words can give in a poetic form? Then this course is for you! Start the course today, and learn about the early influences of poetry and its beauty in this high form of expression.

Free Online Diploma Course in Early Poetry Reading and Writing

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