Free Online Diploma Course in C# Programming

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Learn the basics of programming in C# using the Visual Studio Express from Microsoft by studying the diploma course.

This free online course in C# programming will teach you the basics of programming in C# using the Visual Studio Express from Microsoft. You will learn how to install Visual Studio Express 2013 for Windows desktop, write basic code in the C# programming language, and review C# code for errors. You will also study how to declare a new instance of a class Work with classes and inheritances in the .NET Framework class library, and more.


This course begins by teaching you how to start a new project in Visual Studio Express. You will learn how to write basic code in the C# programming language and review C# code for errors. It will teach you how to organise the Visual C# Express Edition Integrated, declare variables and assign values, and create branches with the if decision statement and the conditional operator. You will also learn how to write the correct syntax for operators, expressions, and statements of duration.

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You will then learn how to write a code in C# using a Namespace. This course will also teach you how to add references to assemblies and utilize accessibility modifiers. You will study the Scope and its use in C# programming as well as learn how to declare the switch decision statement and enumerations using the enum keyword. You will learn how to use the try-catch statement when handling exceptions and look into Language-Integrated Query (LINQ), use the C# WPF application, the AddHandler statement, and more!

The .NET Framework is the software framework developed by Microsoft which every web developer will find useful in enhancing their programming skills… It runs primarily on Microsoft Windows and with this course, you will be shown how C# can be used to create .NET applications. You will also look into the features and functions of the Visual Express Integrated Development Environment (IDE). Start this course today to learn about C# programming, and using Visual Studio Express to programme software applications.

Free Online Diploma Course in C# Programming

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