Free Online Course on Legal Office Administration

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Free online course about the various legal practices and the requirements for working in law office administration.

This free online course on Legal Office Administration teaches about the various procedures and jobs you can take in the legal field. You will learn about the preparation of legal documents, litigation, and contracts as well as types of law, like criminal law, family law, business law, real estate, and bankruptcy. Start this course today and learn about the incredibly useful tools you can use in the legal field.

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This free online course, Legal Office Administration, will provide you with an understanding of working in various types of legal settings. You will learn about certifications for paralegals like NALA Certification, NAFP Certification, and NALS Certification. Next, you will be able to explain the preparation of legal documents and will learn about the law office, billing, litigation, and contracts.

This free online training course will teach you about criminal law and procedure, like torts, felonies, and misdemeanours. You will also learn about family law, including marriage, divorce, and child custody as well as business law and topics such as sole proprietorship, and business partnerships. Next, you will study real estate, mortgages, deeds and basic ownership rights.

This free online Legal Office Administration course will also teach you about elder law, types of wills, estate planning and guardianship. Finally, you will learn about bankruptcy, including how to file a Chapter 7 case as well as dischargeable and non-dischargeable debt. This online course will be of great benefit to students and individuals interested in learning about necessary legal procedures and file management within legal office administration. Enrol in this online course today to improve your knowledge and work experience in Legal Office Administration.

Free Online Course on Legal Office Administration

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