Free Online Course on International Marketing: Challenges and Opportunities

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Explore the trends and issues that shape global marketing and how to overcome problems faced in international marketing.

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Learn how to respond to the challenges of international marketing

Debate the contemporary issues of international marketers to understand the complexities that organisations face in global marketing.

You’ll learn how to critically analyse these issues to help you better prepare for a response to any difficulties that may arise in your global marketing strategy.

You’ll also look at globalisation as a whole to determine whether this is still a relevant and beneficial narrative.

Understand fortune at the bottom of the pyramid

Investigate the concept of bottom of the pyramid (BOP) consumers and how organisations can use this market to their advantage.

Despite earning less than $2 a day, BOP consumers have a huge potential to purchase products and can be an untapped market for global marketers.

You’ll learn the value of BOP consumers and how you can include this market in your own strategies.

It’s important to look towards future trends in order to understand how it might shape your managerial practice. You’ll explore and identify trends such as artificial intelligence and globalisation, and the impacts they might have on practice in global marketing.

Reflect upon how you see future global marketing trends and how they might shape the market altogether, to help you prepare more effective strategies in your own practice.

This course is part of the Global Marketing Expert Track, an in-depth look into marketing strategy and all the considerations businesses need to address before entering international markets.

Who is the course for?

This course is for anyone interested in global marketing and the challenges and opportunities. You may be interested in pursuing a career as a global marketer or already be in the role and looking to increase your knowledge.

Free Online Course on International Marketing: Challenges and Opportunities

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