Free Online Course on Humanitarian Response to Conflict and Disaster By Harvard University

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War, famine, disease, and drought ravage the world. Behind these conflicts lie vulnerable populations and communities seeking the basic elements for survival such as food, water, and sanitation as well as the desire to live with dignity. As humanitarian emergencies reach unprecedented proportions the need for humanitarian aid grows. How can aid efforts alleviate human suffering evolve to meet the people in need?

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From the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative, Humanitarian Response to Conflict and Disaster seeks to prepare learners to recognize and analyze emerging challenges in the humanitarian field. Through case studies covering the responses to crises in Goma (Zaire), Somalia, the Balkans, Afghanistan, and Pakistan, participants will explore major trends affecting the current landscape of humanitarian response – including rapid population displacement, violence against aid workers, media influence on disaster response, and civil-military engagement.

Humanitarian Response to Conflict and Disaster explores the ethical and professional principles that guide emergency operations. Participants will learn the legal and historical frameworks that shaped these principles, test their applicability to challenges, and prepare participants to be more informed and aware humanitarian practitioners, scholars, policy-makers, and global citizens.

Free Online Course on Humanitarian Response to Conflict and Disaster By Harvard University

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