Free Online Course on Fundamentals of Employability

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This free online course will help you with the job application and interview process and essential communication skills.

If you are in the job market, then this free online Fundamentals of Employability course will help you acquire CV writing, job interview, career development and people skills on your path to employment. You will also learn why the term “employability” is becoming increasingly important in the world of work, how to improve your attitude, properly showcase your skills and the art of giving effective feedback.


Putting yourself forward as a good potential candidate is no longer about just having the right skills, but also about how you present yourself in terms of your CV and ability to communicate. This free online course on the Fundamentals of Employability aims to comprehensively prepare you to build your CV, guide you on which skills to list in your resumé and teach you other things like email etiquette when writing an email for a job vacancy. Things like communication, social skills, and how to fill in a job application form are also covered in the first part of this content to assist you in securing the job interview that you always wanted.

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The second part of this free online course covers the actual job interview including practical examples to improve your interview performance. You will also learn about career development, its importance and the skills and qualities necessary to progress professionally. The various career paths that you can take within an organization are also covered according to your interests and aspirations. The course content then discusses how to change negative behaviour, effectively reinforce positive behaviour and develop professional or social contacts through genuine relationships including the benefits and advantages of professional contact networks. The content then discusses the basic technical skills you need to work effectively in the modern workplace. The third-and-final part of your learning discusses the concepts of equality, diversity, ethics and discrimination in the workplace and some good practices, procedures and policies necessary to incorporate into the heart of any company. You will analyze the importance of recognizing and valuing the different backgrounds, skills and experiences of people in terms of creating a cohesive community and a highly efficient and effective workgroup. The course concludes with teamwork as a key theme and its link to customer service and long-term customer retention.

This course is for those who are looking for work and would like to know how to improve their skills and performance in the job application and interview process. Enrolling in this free online job interview skills course also teaches you how to achieve better professional development and the importance of career paths.

Free Online Course on Fundamentals of Employability

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