Free Online Course: Design your Purpose as a Leader

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Discover how identifying a sense of purpose helps to achieve a healthier work-life balance for all.

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Align your sense of purpose with the wider purpose of your organisation

This final course in the ExpertTrack, Leading With Sense: Finding Your Leadership Style using Savoir-Relier, offers you the chance to uncover your individual sense of purpose and explore the ways in which it aligns – and in some cases does not align – with the values of your organisation.

Using the Savoir-Relier leadership methodology, you’ll learn how to use a shared sense of purpose as an agent for leading positive change and innovation in your organisation.

Find your sense of purpose as an individual and leader

Companies often face the challenge of reconciling the individual, and collective purpose and agendas that drive a business forward.

In this course, you’ll use the Savoir-Relier method to uncover why the tension and disparities between the purpose of an organisation and its individuals can be a driver for positive change.

Learn how to achieve work-life balance through a shared sense of purpose

By better understanding your own sense of purpose, you’ll be more likely to align your aspirations with your decisions in your career and personal life.

Under the guidance of Professor Valérie Gauthier, you’ll learn how identifying what your purpose is will help you to create a better work-life balance.

As a leader, you’ll also discover how to engage and lead others towards a shared goal, as well as grow your power of influence.

Discover meaningful goal setting

As you build your collaborative leadership skills and find your sense of purpose, you’ll discover how to set meaningful goals that will help you achieve success as an individual and leader.

You’ll learn about acting for the common good in keeping with your values and committing to goals and decisions – whatever the outcome.

Who is the course for?

This course is open to anyone interested in identifying and aligning their personal and professional goals.

No specific leadership experience is required as the course asks you to draw from your own personal experiences and interactions with other learners.

What software or tools do you need?

This course requires group interactions. For this, we provide access to a safe and secure external tool free of charge for every learner and accessible by smartphone or computer.

Free Online Course: Design your Purpose as a Leader


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