Free Online Course on Creative Problem Solving and Decision Making

Learn the rudiments of problem-solving and take charge of your decision making creativity with this free online course.

From our mundane daily activities to our complicated work or business operations, solving problems and making decisions are inevitable. But we must creatively handle these two tasks if we hope to regularly achieve positive results. Are you looking for solutions that have been tested and can simplify these obligations for you? Take this free online course on creative problem solving and decision making to hone your problem-solving skills.


Decision-making is inevitable in our day-to-day activities. Everyone has to make decisions, consciously or unconsciously. Along with making choices is also the need to solve problems. Our problem-solving and decision-making abilities, to a large extent, determines who we are, or who we are going to be. They keep us safe and alive and guard our well-being. More importantly, it is not enough to just make the decisions but to decide on choices creatively. This is where this free online course on creative problem-solving and decision-making comes into play. This free course will help you hone your skills to creatively solve problems and make choices for you to get positive outcomes more often than not.

You will start learning about the several thinking styles that people make use of when making decisions. This will give you the knowledge to identify your style of thinking to help you deal with other types of thinkers. Also, the problem-solving structure will be discussed, focusing more on the processes involved in creative problem-solving and decision making. Furthermore, each of the elements in the problem-solving process will be explained in detail, along with several tools that will help execute each of them.

Finally, you will analyze the benefits realization approach. This technique will be evaluated in detail and its elements and the steps involved in implementing this approach will be discussed. Subsequently, you will consider the thinking-out-of-the-box ideology. Some helpful tips concerning this ideology will be evaluated as well as some other top tips for creative problem-solving. Also, several other general key points will be discussed as a final thought on the problem-solving and decision-making course. Are you not excited and eager to start your knowledge quest to become a proficient and creative problem solver?  Are you ready to start making better and informed decisions that will positively impact you and your loved ones, as well as your business? Make your first key decision and start this course today.

Free Online Course on Creative Problem Solving and Decision Making

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