Free Digital Marketing, SEO, WordPress Advance Master Course

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This free course will take users on a small business marketing masterclass covering business website creation to online marketing to business generation.

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In this course, we are going to cover many important areas such as:

  1. Understand Marketing to Create a Lasting Presence.
  2. Create Buyers Persona and Target them.
  3. Use Online Survey to Generate Business.
  4. Learn how you can generate Traffic.
  5. Mange Your Businesses Online Platforms.
  6. Backup Your Website with other digital items.
  7. Starting from buying a Domain to Building Business Website.
  8. Use SSL Integration to Build Trust and get favored by Google.
  9. Learn in detail How to Use WordPress for your Business.
  10. Learn Secrets of Online Marketing.

Here we tried to provide solutions for a few of the most challenging areas in online marketing. We have gone into detail to explain how you can take your business to others and generate a quality customer’s base. With that securing the business interest is also vital, So, what should you do to secure the business.

We have seen many businesses small, startups, mid-range and large all facing a problem in handling developers and designers. This makes the simple task of managing the website very difficult. This is the reason we have discussed WordPress, its use, how you can create a business with ease it and its benefits.

This course will not teach you how you can start the business but definitely talk about some pain points of running a business and managing its online presence. Here we have also discussed the need to secure your website with backup and the use of an SSL. These also build trust and don’t let you lose business when the time comes.

We will keep updating the course based on users need and requirements in the future and hope to serve you well with our content in building a successful business. Wishing you all the best for your business we assure you to respond when you need.


  • Basic understanding of Computer, Internet, Email is enough to start the course.
  • Knowledge of MS Office, Gmail, Outlook, Excel, Chrome and firebox browsers.
Free Digital Marketing, SEO, WordPress Advance Master Course

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