Free Course On Shakespeare: Context and Stagecraft

This course will look at the language, themes, and situations of three of Shakespeare’s most popular plays.

About this Course

You’ll study about the theatrical methods that impacted Shakespeare’s stagecraft and analyze the various performing options they provide.

This course will supplement curricula all across the world by allowing students to explore deeper into topics such as performance, dramaturgy, and context that schools often don’t have time to cover.

Students can take the course remotely as a class, giving them the opportunity to learn together while their studies are disrupted by COVID-19.

What are the themes you’re going to talk about?

  • The stagecraft of William Shakespeare
  • Shakespeare’s plays and the early modern performance conditions
  • The power of language to convey information
  • The plays are set in their historical and literary setting.
  • Shakespeare’s plays have a long afterlife.

On this course, you will be learning about

You can learn at your own pace by taking this self-guided course. You can meet other students, share your thoughts, and participate in active conversations in the comments at any point during the course.

What do you intend to accomplish?

You’ll be able to… at the end of the course.

  • Investigate Shakespeare’s plays’ language and topics.
  • Describe how early modern performing traditions influenced Shakespeare’s stagecraft.
  • Describe the social and historical setting of the plays.
  • Examine several options for performance.

Who will benefit from this course?

This course is intended for those who are studying or teaching Shakespeare as part of a school curriculum.

Anyone new to Shakespeare, as well as those who want to brush up on their knowledge, would benefit from this course.

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