Free Course On How to Read French Poetry

Develop a poetry toolbox to better grasp poetic language, poetic form, tone, and more by learning how to read poetry in French.

About This Course

In the French language, poetry has a long and illustrious history. From verse playwrights such as Racine and Molière to symbolists such as Charles Baudelaire and Paul Verlaine, to surrealists such as Jacques Prévert and Andre Breton, and beyond

Any A Level (high school) or university French student will need to learn how to understand French poetry.

However, understanding French poetry might be difficult. Poetic language, particularly for smart kids, can be complicated, even though individual words or sentences are clear.

This course will provide you with a poetic toolset to help you better understand French poetry.

The course will help you approach French poetry with confidence, based on real-life obstacles and approaches created at Manchester Grammar School.

Create a universal poetic toolbox for analyzing French poetry.

This course’s poetic toolkit will assist you in comprehending poetic form, poetic vocabulary, and the’sound effects’ of French poetry.

You’ll learn how to recognize a poem’s tale and meaning, as well as deduce the poet’s intent.

You’ll eventually be able to speak authoritatively about poetry in French, knowing that you’ll be able to back up your claims.

On this course, you will be learning

This self-guided course allows you to learn at your own speed. You can meet other students, share your views, and participate in active conversations in the comments at any time during the course.

What will you accomplish?

You’ll be able to… by the end of the course.

  • To make sense of new poetry, apply suitable elements from the toolkit.
  • Compare and contrast two or more poems on the same theme or by the same poet to find similarities and differences.
  • Participate in a poetic debate, learning from others and assisting them in their learning.
  • Poems are evaluated using a methodical approach.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of poetic method and how it is utilized to manipulate meaning and impact.
  • Develop your ability to recognize the most important aspects of a poem.
  • Assess the success of a poet’s attempts to communicate meaning and emotion through technical features.
  • Explain how a poem is constructed and why it produces the effect that it does.
  • Recognize the formal and structural components of poems, as well as how the poet employs them to achieve a certain effect.
  • Interpret a poem’s imagery and other aspects to get to a conclusion about the poet’s purpose.
  • Justify their interpretation of a poem using the poem’s numerous aspects.
  • Modify their comprehension of a poem in light of feedback from other students or more study.
  • As the course develops, consider on a whole series of poems and use that study to shape reactions to subsequent poems as they are presented.
  • Give a coherent analysis of the meaning of a poem’s many elements to summarize the poem’s meaning.

Who is this course aimed at?

This reading course in French is designed for three types of students: Students interested in pursuing a degree in French at A Level (high school).

Students at the undergraduate level who want to learn how to read French poetry.
Readers with a general interest in French poetry. In any language, comprehending poetry can be a difficult task.

This course focuses on French poetry in particular. The skills gained, on the other hand, might be used to students of any poem.

Free Course On How to Read French Poetry

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