Free Certificate Courses on Programming with Python

These courses cover python programming from beginner’s level to advanced, with free recognized certificates issued to enrollees upon completion.

These free courses by Simplilearn offer 90 days of free access with a self-paced learning module. Read the course details below and enrol as you desire.

Python for Beginners

This Python basics free course covers basic and advanced concepts in Python. You will learn about data types, variables, lists, tuples, dictionaries, decision-making statements, and loops. Learn about user-defined functions, object-oriented programming, threading, and Python scripting.

What you will learn

  • Core Python
  • Web frameworks
  • Multiprocess architecture
  • Serverside templating language
  • User authorization and authentication

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Getting Python Interview Ready

This Python Interview Course is the ultimate answer if you are looking to crack a job in python. It will take you through all the questions that can be expected from a python developer with answers explained in Hindi.

What you will learn

  • Interview Skills
  • Top Python Interview Questions

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Introduction to Python OpenCV

The free course helps you get started with OpenCV, a popular python library. You will learn how it helps in computer vision and image, facial and motion recognition tasks. By the end of this OpenCV basics program, you will be thorough with how to solve computer vision problems.

What you will learn

  • Identifying computer vision problems
  • Solving errors in image facial and motion recognition
  • Processing images using a few lines of code

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Programming with Python 3.X

Learn programming with python right from its fundamentals with this introductory course for beginners. It will help you get started with Python programming and explore concepts like variables, functions and variables.

What you will learn

  • Variables functions and lists
  • Understanding Error Detection
  • Working with Files and Classes
  • Intermediate Python

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Introduction to If Else Statements and Loops in Python

Learn If Else Statements and Loops in Python from scratch and understand how to work with loops in different projects. The free course will help you develop the awareness required to choose the right type of loop in Python for a particular scenario.

What you will learn

  • If Else Statements
  • If Else Statements
  • Python Loops
  • For Loop in Python
  • While Loop

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