Fraud Prevention in the Charity Sector

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Keep your charity’s finances safe by using these fraud prevention tips and resources.

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Learn how to guard your charity from fraud

Fraud and financial mismanagement are one of the most common concerns raised about charities. Even though the number of charities involved in wrongdoing is very small, the impact on the reputation of all charities can be significant.

This means fraud involving charities risks harming the public’s trust and confidence in all charities. Taking action to prevent fraud and being transparent about our processes is crucial to protecting the reputation of charities.

What’s more, charities can be victims of crime and the impact on them can be devastating.

The good news is that all charities can take some simple steps that will significantly reduce the risk of fraud.

On this course, you will look at fraud risks that are common to charities. You’ll examine who should be managing these risks and why. You will also cover numerous ways your charity can protect itself from fraud, with the help of fraud prevention resources and details to help you apply them to your charity.

Who is the course for?

This course is designed for anyone working in the charity sector that wants to learn more about protecting their charity from fraud.

Fraud Prevention in the Charity Sector

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