Fashion and the Climate Crisis: An Introduction to Sustainability

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Understand the links between the fashion industry and the climate crisis and the imperative for a planet-positive fashion future.

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Unpack the social and environmental impacts of the fashion industry

The climate crisis is at a tipping point and time is running out for the fashion industry to address its impacts.

In this two-week introductory course, you’ll explore the fashion industry’s extractive and linear practices through a resource and materials-focussed lens. This understanding will help you discover the importance of a diverse, responsibly created materials mix for a planet-positive fashion future.

Understand how the industry affects the carbon cycle

As you delve into the environmental impacts of the fashion industry, you’ll understand their role in affecting the carbon cycle. This will help you explore the critical need for new models and practices to address the current imbalance.

To gain a holistic overview of the impacts of the fashion industry, you’ll also explore the intersections between environmental and social justice.

This knowledge will help you understand how making sustainable changes in the industry has wider impacts on people and the planet.

Explore regenerative design and other sustainable solutions

You’ll explore the key initiatives, such as regenerative design, and organisations that are influencing the industry and driving sustainable change.

By the end of the course, you’ll have both the knowledge and hope of creating a planet-positive fashion future.

Who is the course for?

This course is designed for anyone interested in learning more about the fashion industry and climate change.

It will provide invaluable insights if you are looking to advance your career in fashion or sustainability.

Fashion and the Climate Crisis: An Introduction to Sustainability

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