Exploring Sustainable Production Systems

Discover the importance of sustainable production systems for our natural environment, global economy, and local communities.

Examine sustainable production through a social, economic, and ecological lens

Sustainable production systems are manufacturing processes that conserve natural resources and energy. They do not negatively impact the environment or the communities around them, nor harm the people working in them.

This form of production has become increasingly important in the global climate crisis as we fight to reduce our negative impact on the planet.

This three-week course from the Luleå University of Technology will introduce you to sustainable production systems and help you examine them through social, economic, and ecological perspectives.

Discover the benefits of sustainable production for waste and cost reduction

The current modes of production are centred on output in response to demand. Our population is reliant on products and services with fast turnaround times to satisfy their growing needs. This means that our systems of production are foregoing sustainability in favour of speed and quantity.

You’ll delve into systems of production to examine how alternative manufacturing can reduce waste, cost, and energy consumption while meeting public needs.

Assess production system design for sustainability

Like any product or means of manufacturing, production systems must meet certain standards or criteria to be deemed effective, safe and compliant.

With the guidance of your educators, you’ll explore how to assess production systems and make suggestions for how to make them socially, economically and ecologically sustainable.

Explore the possibilities of sustainable technological innovation

The Luleå University of Technology provides expertise and research on innovation and design of product and production systems.

With their help, you’ll be best positioned to examine how technological innovation in production systems can give way to a greener future.

Who is the course for?

This course is designed for those interested in learning about sustainable production systems, from an economic, social, and ecological perspective.

It will also be helpful to university students in deciding whether to pursue studies in the subject area.

Exploring Sustainable Production Systems

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