Explore Writing in the Sciences

This course, Explore Writing in the Sciences teaches scientists to become more effective writers, using practical examples and exercises.

About this Course

Explore Writing in the Sciences will enhance your knowledge in topics like principles of good writing, tricks for writing faster and with less anxiety, the format of a scientific manuscript, peer review, grant writing, ethical issues in scientific publication, and writing for general audiences.

Skills You Will Gain

  • Grammar
  • Medical Writing
  • Science Communication
  • Writing

Syllabus – What you will learn from this course

2 hours to complete

  • Unit 1 introduces the explore writing in the sciences and reviews key principles of effective writing. In particular, you will practice cutting clutter from writing.

2 hours to complete

  • Unit 2 focuses on writing with strong, active verbs. Lessons include how to: write in the active voice; avoid turning verbs into nouns; choose strong verbs; get to the main verb of a sentence quickly.

4 hours to complete

  • Unit 3 reviews explore writing in the sciences, how to vary sentence structure, and write strong paragraphs. You will practice using the dash, colon, semi-colon, and parentheses, as well as writing well-organized and concise paragraphs.

4 hours to complete

  • Unit 4 reviews the writing process. I will give you tips for writing, more efficient, and more organized.

3 hours to complete

  • Unit 5 reviews the sections of a scientific manuscript. You will learn how to format tables and figures, and how to write results, methods, introduction, and discussion sections.9 videos (Total 137 min)

8 hours to complete

  • Unit 6 discusses the peer review process, as well as ethical issues in scientific publishing. You will learn how to avoid plagiarism, determine authorship, submit a paper, write a peer review, and avoid predatory journals.

2 hours to complete

  • Unit 7 reviews types of writing beyond original research manuscripts. You will learn how to write review papers, grants, letters of recommendation, and personal essays.

4 hours to complete

  • Unit 8 reviews communication with broader audiences. You will learn how to work with the media, be interviewed, conduct an interview, and write about science for general audiences.
Free Course on Explore Writing in the Sciences

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