Explore and Understand the Gaming Industry

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Dive into the world of gaming and discover how to use it to boost your marketing and creative prospects.

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Explore the gaming landscape and how your brand fits into it

In the vast industry of gaming, the options are seemingly endless, but the risk of a wrong move is potentially disastrous.

On this three-week course from D&AD, you’ll gain an understanding of where you, your brand, or the brief you’re responding to fit into the gaming landscape.

Discover the power of the gaming industry

In a rapidly changing and growing industry, it’s crucial to understand the current landscape and what’s on the horizon.

You’ll explore the foundations of the gaming industry, understand its history, and identify what’s powered its growth to see how your brand or brief can utilise this media to find the right response.

Better understand who a gamer is and how they are your audience

Whether you’re inserting your brand into a game, or being inspired by the power of gaming to enhance an existing experience, knowing the steps your audience will take is vital.

Explore who a gamer is, understand the roles of influencers and streamers and learn how brands are interacting with gaming in the right way.

While there are endless options for activations within the gaming world, there is a right time and place for a brand to engage.

You’ll explore the different options and audiences, based on your brand or brief, and discover how to create a brief that provides the right information to engage a platform, publisher, or streamer.

Learn from experts in the field

This course is led by D&AD and features content created by a variety of experts in the field from top companies in the industry such as Twitch and Epic Games.

What topics will you cover?

  • The gaming landscape
  • Understanding the metaverse
  • Engaging with your audience
  • A brand’s place in the gaming world
  • Developing better creative briefs

Who is the course for?

This course is designed for creatives that want to tap into the power of gaming for their communications, marketing, and advertising.

Whether you’re a designer, brand builder, or business owner, this course will guide you through how to harness gaming and use immersive storytelling to enhance your audience connection.

Explore and Understand the Gaming Industry

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