Excel for Beginners

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No knowledge of Excel? No problem! Mastering a few basic skills in Excel will open the door to new opportunities, jobs, and more advanced skills that can help you be more efficient in your work or advance your career in your current or a future position.

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If you’re hoping to move from knowing almost nothing about spreadsheets to basic comfort and competence in Excel, then this is a perfect course for you. The goal of this course is to give you a foundation on which you can build more advanced skills in the future. In this course, you will learn foundational Excel knowledge like spreadsheet and workbook anatomy, data entry, summary, and manipulation, plotting and visualization, and powerful tools such as filters, sorts, and pivot tables. Not only will you gain strong skills in Excel basics, you will also find several pathways to continue learning the skills you need after the course. Basic Excel skills are required for many jobs, but more advanced skills are often learned on the job. This course can help you quickly get to the point of being able to learn more advanced skills on your own or on the job.

The approach of this course will be different from a typical software course. Rather than focusing on moving through as many tools and skills as quickly as possible, this course will emphasize gaining comfort and familiarity with some of the most useful and foundational skills, the skills that will be key to your success in using Excel now and in the future. You will have the opportunity to practice these skills and identify general principles of successfully working with spreadsheets to be more efficient, reliable, and effective in your work.

Confidence with spreadsheet layout, anatomy, and terminology

Good practices for data entry, storage, and manipulation in spreadsheets

Common methods of data manipulation and summary such as sorting, filtering, writing simple equations, and using pivot tables

Common methods of data visualization using charts

Excel for Beginners

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