Everything you need to know about creating websites and making money

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Starting a website that makes money may be your way into making bulks of dollars online. Everything you need to know about creating your own website and making money off it is here.

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This FREE course on Udemy will walk you through HTML and CSS and how to code with lots of examples and practice exercises.

What you will learn

  • Create websites
  • Know where to sell services
  • Understand how to sell the website to clients
  • Update web content
  • HTML and CSS
  • How everything fits together online
  • How web designers make money

Who this course is for:

  • web designers
  • anyone who wants to earn extra income through web design
  • anyone who wants to create their own websites
  • web content producers
  • web managers


  • Basics of websites
  • we provide all the resources needed
  • desire to learn web development

How to Register

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Everything you need to know about creating websites and making money

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