Ethics and Diversity in Fashion

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Explore the increasing demand for ethical fashion and discover how brands are responding to these evolving consumer desires.

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Examine ethical fashion alongside industry specialists

Ethics and diversity within the fashion industry is a subject that has become more visible in recent times, with brands continually needing to adapt to consumer demands and wider global trends.

On this three-week course, you’ll be introduced to ethics and diversity within the luxury fashion industry and delve into exclusive content and insights from industry experts and academics from the creators of Vogue.

You’ll examine the complex nature of communicating fashion ideas and concepts alongside ethical and diversity considerations, and learn how brands are responding to these complexities.

Study the importance of brand values in the fashion industry

As consumer appetite for brand transparency and more ethical fashion grows, it has become increasingly important for companies to embed principles of ethics and diversity into their brand values and marketing approaches.

You’ll explore this global shift to an ethical and diverse fashion industry and the tactics fashion brands are using to respond to these issues now, and how they will evolve to respond in the future.

Gaining an insight into movements and consumer behaviours, you’ll develop your understanding of brand values, consumer reactions to global issues, and how the fashion industry is impacted by this.

Consider the future of ethics and diversity in fashion marketing

With a developed understanding of the global trends currently making an impact, you’ll look at insights into the future to see how ethics and diversity will continue to be incorporated into the fashion industry.

You’ll even develop your own ideas and produce creative pieces of work, including a social media concept for Vogue to put into practice everything you have learned.

What topics will you cover?

  • Ethics & Diversity Issues in the Fashion Industry
  • Consumer Behaviour
  • Current Movements Surrounding Ethics & Diversity
  • Sustainability Practices for Luxury Brands

Who is the course for?

This course is designed for anyone with an interest in the fashion industry and the subject of ethics and diversity.

It is an introductory level into how fashion brands market their products and communicate their values while being inclusive and diverse.

Ethics and Diversity in Fashion

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