Essentials in Arts Fundraising

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Develop practical skills to help you fundraise from a variety of sources and build resilience in arts and culture organisations.

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Learn how to fundraise effectively with arts and culture industry experts

External investment and philanthropy have always been crucial for arts and culture organisations. As the sector recovers from the pandemic, fundraising is more important than ever.

This two-week course, led by experts in arts fundraising, will show you how to fundraise from a variety of sources to build resilience, even in times of crisis.

Write a compelling fundraising application

You’ll learn to identify the criteria and strategies of the organisations that you are approaching. This knowledge will help you understand how to present a strong business case that explains the return on investment of your proposal and a clear budget that quickly shows what you’re trying to achieve.

Explore corporate sponsorship

You’ll be introduced to corporate sponsorship and understand what corporations are looking for when seeking partnerships with arts organisations. You’ll learn the benefits and challenges of working with a corporate partner and how to effectively identify, research, and approach partners that best represent your organisation’s unique values.

Design campaigns that promote individual giving and learn about digital fundraising

You’ll discover different types of individual giving programmes, understand what motivates people to give, and will design strategies to encourage donors to give. You’ll then be introduced to digital fundraising before exploring crowdfunding and how to develop appealing propositions suitable for your audiences.

What topics will you cover?

  • Introduction to fundraising, what makes effective and sustainable fundraising, and assessing potential income streams.
  • Writing effective fundraising applications.
  • Developing corporate sponsorship programmes: design, implementation, ethics and evaluation.
  • Creating individual giving schemes and exploring the different motivations of donors.
  • Making the most of digital fundraising possibilities.
  • Approaches to fundraising at times of crisis.

Who is the course for?

This course is designed for anyone working in the arts and culture industry who wants to take their first steps in fundraising.

It will be useful to businesses, artists, leaders, managers, trustees, volunteers and learners who are new to fundraising or require a refresher.

Essentials in Arts Fundraising

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