English Grammar for Teachers

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English Grammar for Teachers: Gain in-depth knowledge of grammatical concepts and apply what you have learned effectively and engagingly in your teaching.

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Explore creative ways to teach English grammar

The new national curriculum requires school teachers to teach English grammar, starting in primary school.

This course will help to demystify teaching English grammar and ensure it plays a creative and rewarding role in your English classroom teaching. You’ll explore various ways to teach grammar creatively to primary, secondary, and further education students.

Learn the role of grammar in the UK education system

The course begins with an introduction to the updated terminology of the national curriculum.

As you understand more about the rationale and purpose of grammar within the national curriculum, you’ll look at the underlying linguistic approach of English grammar, helping to improve your confidence in using grammatical concepts and terminology.

Gain in-depth knowledge of grammar rules and concepts

As the course progresses, you’ll deepen your understanding and enhance your teaching of current grammatical concepts, functions, and forms.

You’ll look at the principles behind teaching English grammar and work on embedding grammar into your lessons, making it a useful and fun activity for your students, rather than a box-ticking exercise.

Discover how to use grammar teaching resources from effectively

Englicious is a free online library of original English grammar and language teaching resources. It contains lesson plans, exercises, videos, and assessment materials that you can use as part of your teaching.

Through this course, you’ll learn how to navigate through and effectively use’s English grammar resources.

What topics will you cover?

The course will cover the entire grammar of English, starting with the word classes, and moving on to phrases and clauses. The course combines a modern and innovative approach to the study of grammar with the opportunities that technology offers. It is designed for participants who either start from scratch in the study of grammar or who have a gap in their knowledge.

The focus will be on how grammatical structures communicate meaning and how they offer different ways of expressing the same idea. Links will be made to age-appropriate texts.

Topics include:

  • the role of grammar in the UK education system
  • grammatical subject knowledge and terminology
  • how to teach English grammar in context
  • how to use the free resources on the Englicious website

Who is the course for?

This course is designed for primary, secondary, and further education teachers in the UK. It’s also suitable for trainee teachers, NQTs, Heads of the Department, and teaching staff of all subjects. Potential interest to EFL/ESOL English teachers globally.

English Grammar for Teachers

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