EFQM Foundation Online Certificate

Learn about the EFQM management model and how to apply the EFQM model and RADAR logic to your organisational management.

Start working towards a certified management qualification with EFQM

This course offers essential skills training in using the EFQM model as a management tool.

You’ll learn how to take a helicopter view of any organisation and appreciate the RADAR logic as a useful tool for identifying an organisation’s strengths and opportunities for improvement.

Better understand organisational ecosystems and the structure of the EFQM model

The EFQM Model was initially developed over thirty years ago by some of the most successful businesses in Europe. It is now used by large and small organisations throughout the world as a framework for business improvement and transformation.

On the course, you’ll be introduced to the model’s structure and how it works, including the criteria, criterion parts, and guidance points.

You’ll learn how these aspects relate to an organisation’s ecosystem and help improve organisational performance.

Use the RADAR logic and explore types of organisational self-assessment

As you get to grips with how to apply the EFQM structure, you’ll also discover how to apply RADAR logic to analyse the current effectiveness of your organisation.

You’ll find out about the pros and cons of different types of organisational self-assessment and have the chance to use an EFQM assessment tool in practice.

Get certified with EFQM

This course is the first step towards achieving a certified management qualification, and is a prerequisite for anyone interested in working towards an EFQM Assessor or EFQM Organisational Change Leader qualification.

EFQM accredits trainers and training courses on the subject throughout the world, and you’ll learn from experienced EFQM educators, managers, and trainers who have worked with the EFQM model in many different settings.

What topics will you cover?

  • Organisational Ecosystems
  • The Global Megatrends
  • The Structure of the EFQM Model and its Criteria
  • Using RADAR to analyse an organisation’s activities and results
  • EFQM Assessment Tools & Methods

Who is the course for?

This course is designed for those who have already attended the ‘Drive Business Improvement with the EFQM Model’ course.

The course is designed for those interested in learning about credible management models, as well as those working in organisations who are already using the EFQM Model who wish to induct new recruits to the organisation into the EFQM way of thinking.

What software or tools do you need?

Apart from a desk top or laptop computer and a good quality internet connection no further tools are required

EFQM Foundation Online Certificate

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