Effective Introduction to Personal Branding

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This course, Effective Introduction to Personal Branding  will help you become familiar with the basics of digital security and reputation management and Create a system for ongoing brand maintenance

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About this Course

Though the concept of personal branding isn’t new, questions remain about how to create one and, more importantly, what it means to maintain and inhabit that brand.

Here, Effective Introduction to Personal Branding Learners will:

  • Understand both what personal branding means and what it means to inhabit their brand
  • Establish themselves on at least three social media platforms
  • Create a mission statement for their personal brand
  • Build a board of directors for their brand in Effective Introduction to Personal Branding

Join instructor Kimberley R. Barker as she provides a warm, supportive atmosphere in which learners are encouraged to intensively explore themselves in order to create a personal brand that authentically and effectively communicates their values and professional gifts. Together we will build a strong community in which to provide encouragement and feedback and support each other as learners pursue their goal of successful brand creation.

Skills You Will Gain

  • Personal Branding in Effective Introduction to Personal Branding
  • Social Media
  • Management in Effective Introduction to Personal Branding
  • Brand Management


1 hour to complete

Hello and welcome!

1 video (Total 3 min), 2 readings
1 hour to complete
Effective Introduction to Personal Branding: An Overview of Personal Branding
The goal of this module is to help you gain an understanding of the basic purpose, benefits, and responsibilities of branding, and to begin the process of defining your values, gifts, and goals. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch: [email protected]; @KR_Barker (Twitter).

3 videos (Total 17 min), 4 readings

1 hour to complete

Effective Introduction to Personal Branding: Building your Brand’s Infrastructure
Like any other construction project, infrastructure is absolutely key to the successful creation of your brand. In this module, we’ll discuss key elements including authenticity, your mission statement, and why you should incorporate your photo into your brand.

6 videos (Total 32 min), 3 readings

1 hour to complete
Establishing Your Brand’s Digital Home: A Guide to Claiming Your Parts of the Web
Your Brand & Social Media. When it comes to social media platforms, you have lots of choices. At the end of this lesson, you will have identified three platforms that best fit your brand. Questions? Don’t hesitate to get in touch: [email protected]; [email protected]

4 videos (Total 25 min), 2 readings

Free Course on Effective Introduction to Personal Branding

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