Dysphagia: Swallowing Difficulties and Medicines

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This course will enhance the knowledge of any person involved in the administration of medicines to patients with dysphagia

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The course offers an opportunity to network with other learners and with the creators of the course through discussions, graphs and social networking features and to share knowledge with other learners and professionals. By completing this online course participants will be able to describe:

  • the swallowing process and different causes of swallowing problems
  • the different types of medicines formulations and how these should be administered to patients
  • how tablets and capsules are designed to ensure that drugs are appropriately distributed in the body
  • special considerations which need to be taken into account when giving medicines to older people and children
  • the law relating to the selection and administration of medicines
  • how best to administer medicines to patients with dysphagia

You can use the hashtag #FLswallowMed to join and contribute to social media conversations about this course.

We look forward to seeing you on the course.

Who is the course for?

This course is designed for anyone with an interest in medicines, the swallowing process, and different causes of swallowing problems

You don’t need any prior experience however, it will be of particular interest to carers, nurses, and those in the field of medicine.

Dysphagia: Swallowing Difficulties and Medicines

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