Designing Human-Centred AI Products and Services

Learn how to design collaborative artificial intelligence (AI) services and products that benefit human values.

Discover the impacts of disruptive technologies with Hanyang University

Disruptive technologies, such as AI, have impacted major industries and reshaped our daily lives. Though it is a useful technology, modern data-centric AI has failed to benefit every member of the public without prejudice and bias.

This six-week course from Hanyang University will guide you through human-computer interaction (HCI) and how it can be used to make AI useful for all types of people.

You’ll learn how the HCI discipline can address the drawbacks of modern AI, and how to redefine it as human-centred AI to add value to every life.

Gain an introduction to human-computer interaction

You’ll develop knowledge of human-computer interaction to give you a fundamental understanding of why HCI should be incorporated with AI.

You’ll explore how the traditional HCI perspective has been changed for the new world of AI, transforming the way we interact with products and services.

Unpack AI design

Next, you’ll discover how modern AI has changed the way we design as you delve into different frameworks and uncover why human-centred AI design is needed.

With this knowledge, you’ll learn how to use tools and guidelines to align AI design with human values and how this makes AI more effective.

Explore AI ethics

Finally, you’ll focus on ethical AI design to learn how this is a crucial stage in considering how AI interacts with human actions.

Guided by the experts at Hanyang University, you’ll finish the course with the knowledge of how to make a user-centred AI system. You’ll have an understanding of the limitations of AI and how a human’s judgement can help to reduce such limitations, leading to successful human-centred AI systems.

Who is the course for?

This course is designed for those interested in AI and human-centred AI products.

No programming skills are required but some knowledge of psychology, design, and behavioural science is preferred.

Designing Human-Centred AI Products and Services

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