Communicating Climate Change for Effective Climate Action

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Develop your climate communication skills as you learn the techniques to empower people to take urgently-needed climate action.

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Enable others to engage with climate change action

Climate communication is vital to help equip present and future generations of decision-makers with the knowledge to take action. We need communication that drives engagement to help close the climate commitment gap that exists in government and across the public, private, and third sectors.

This four-week course will help you develop the skills to effectively communicate the science and pressing issues surrounding the climate crisis.

By the end, you’ll have a solid understanding of climate change communication, why it is so urgently needed, and how you can drive powerful communication that inspires people to act.

Unpack the communication challenges for climate change

As you start to explore the common challenges associated with communicating climate science, you’ll learn how to use trusted sources when discussing climate change.

With this knowledge, you’ll develop the skills to successfully navigate these challenges to promote engaged action.

Discover the principles for effective communication

To help ensure you deliver a persuasive message, you’ll investigate the techniques and principles for effective communication.

You’ll learn how to connect with your audience to help you deliver relatable, clear, and purposeful points.

Learn how storytelling can help communicate climate science

You’ll discover how you can use storytelling to raise engagement as you learn how to put the principles of effective communication into practice.

Guided by the experts at the University of Glasgow, you’ll gain a solid understanding of the urgency and importance of climate action. You’ll finish the course with the skills to effectively communicate climate change in a way that motivates people to take positive action.

Who is the course for?

This course is designed for anyone who wants to develop communication skills in the field of climate change.

You’ll learn how to communicate the need and basis for climate action, whether you’re delivering your message in the workplace or in your personal life.

What software or tools do you need?

No specific software, hardware or other resources are required for this course.

Communicating Climate Change for Effective Climate Action

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