Collective Resilience: From Group to Team

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Build the knowledge, tools, mindset, and skills to lead trusting, resilient, and collaborative teams.

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Boost your relational leadership skills with Valérie Gauthier

This third course in the ExpertTrack, Leading With Sense: Finding Your Leadership Style using Savoir-Relier, offers managers and leaders the chance to create conditions for their teams to excel.

Whether you’re dealing with new responsibilities, joining a new company, integrating teams, managing multicultural teams, or welcoming inclusion and diversity, this course covers what you need to know about collaborative leadership.

Discover the benefits of relational leadership

On this course, you’ll identify, explore, and discuss the challenges you come up against as a leader with your fellow online learners.

Using the FutureLearn social learning platform as a toolyou’ll learn the value of sharing with and trusting in those around you to solve problems.

Learn how to develop collective resilience in your team

Developing collective resilience is critical to effective management and team performance.

Building on the learnings of the previous courses in this ExpertTrack, you’ll learn how to build trust and resilience amongst your team, and discover effective storytelling as a collaborative working technique.

You’ll also learn and practice exercises for growing positive team dynamics and collective resilience.

Explore storytelling as a tool to achieve individual and collective resilience

In order to support multicultural teams and empower everyone with the confidence and skills they need to perform at their best, it’s vital to understand the adversity, struggles, and barriers your team may face.

You’ll explore ways of growing interpersonal trust within a team, and learn how storytelling, listening and sharing, within your team is a key component of a collaborative working environment.

Who is the course for?

This course is open to anyone interested in becoming a better team player, especially managers who’d like to boost their relational skills, as well as the collaboration skills of their team.

No specific leadership experience is required as the course asks you to draw from your own personal experiences and interactions with other learners.

What software or tools do you need?

This course requires group interactions. For this we provide access to a safe and secure external tool free of charge for every learner and accessible by smartphone or computer.

Collective Resilience: From Group to Team

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