Collaborative Working in a Remote Team

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Learn how to work effectively and collaboratively with your team as you navigate remote working with the University of Leeds.

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Examine the benefits and challenges of remote working

Today’s workplace has moved away from traditional office spaces and instead, our teams span locations and even time zones, with more and more people working from home.

On this two-week course, you’ll learn how you can use technology to effectively communicate with your remote working team.

You’ll explore both the benefits and challenges of remote working, and discover the tools to help you overcome barriers and successfully set up your remote working space.

Encourage collaborative working with project planning tools

You’ll examine strategies, technologies, and project management tools to learn how you can ease the difficulties of working remotely.

You’ll also look at case studies to understand how and why these technologies are used, and gain practical advice for getting started.

As well as promoting collaborative working, you’ll learn how to ensure your own wellbeing and understand how this is a key to success in home working.

Produce an action plan template to improve team communication

By the end of this course, you’ll have the practical planning skills to help you successfully work remotely. You’ll receive advice on how to apply these skills to the real-world before creating an action plan for your role in a remote team.

What topics will you cover?

  • The challenges and opportunities of remote working
  • Preparing to work remotely
  • Creating a plan to work remotely
  • Managing time, workload and projects
  • Exploring tools and resources for working remotely

Who is the course for?

This course is designed for those who would like to expand their digital skills.

You’ll build confidence in digital working practices, whether you’re just entering work and you are looking to improve your career prospects or you are already working remotely and want to improve your collaboration skills.

This may include those starting our in their careers, those who have a degree, or those who want to improve their career prospects.

The course will also be useful for anyone in employment who wants to boost their digital skills or anyone returning to the workplace who’d like to gain confidence in how working practices have evolved.

Collaborative Working in a Remote Team

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