Coaching Skills: The mental game

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Understand how to coach the ‘mental game’ by investigating and managing the impact of fear, flow, and focus on performance.

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Understand how mental fitness affects your team

An athlete’s performance is dependent on more than their physical skills; it also extends into their mental strength.

On this two-week course, you’ll discover how you can help your team enhance their A-game by knowing how to coach the mental game.

Distractions outside of a game, known as B-factors, can affect how an athlete performs, which is where coaching athletes mentally pays off. You’ll identify key elements of the mental game and learn how to apply frameworks, principles, and strategies to improve an athlete’s mental fitness to get them into the ‘zone’.

Learn how to promote a positive team culture

Culture is a primary mental conditioner that can affect an athlete’s performance and development.

As a coach, you’re responsible for establishing a positive team culture to encourage growth. You’ll explore how you can create ideal mindsets in your athletes by creating an empowering culture, and adapting a servant leadership and athlete-centered approach.

Apply your skills to business or sports coaching

By the end of this course, you’ll understand how to reflect on your coaching practice, either in business or sports, and apply what you have learned to enhance your team’s performance.

You’ll learn how to develop a supportive environment that helps your athletes maximize their potential, as you understand how to coach the mental game.

What topics will you cover?

  • The thinking and the instinctive brain and their separate functions in key moments of performance
  • The performance equation
  • Ways of enhancing players’ A-game
  • Dealing with the B-factors (situations and conditions)
  • The impact of past-present-future on players’ performance
  • The ‘zone.’

Who is the course for?

This course will suit you if you have an interest in sports or business coaching, or you’re already working in the area and want to expand your skills.

Coaching Skills: The mental game

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