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In the past few years, Cloud Computing has become one of the most important technologies for businesses and enterprises. With more and more businesses moving to the cloud for various business processes, the opportunities in the field have multiplied. So, if you are interested in having a career in Cloud Computing, this professional Cloud Architect exam can be of great help. In case you miss any questions, adequate explanations have been provided. We highly recommend you to take this test.

  1. 10 questions in all. There is no time constraint, so take your time. You need to score at least 80% to pass
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Improve Your Skills in Cloud Computing

#1. In Amazon S3, what do objects consist of?

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Objects are the fundamental entities stored in Amazon S3. Objects consist of object data and metadata. Metadata is a set of name-value pairs that describe the object. These include some default metadata, such as the date last modified, and standard HTTP metadata, such as Content-Type.

#2. A user wants to launch an EC2 Instance for testing and tries to create a new EC2 Key pair also with name test." But the test key pair is already present. What among the following options can happen?"

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Key pair names must be unique. If you attempt to create a key pair with the same key name as an existing key pair, you’ll get an exception.

#3. Does Amazon DynamoDB remain available when you ask it to scale up or down by changing the provisioned throughput?

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Yes. Amazon DynamoDB is designed to scale its provisioned throughput up or down while still remaining available.

#4. How do you grant an IAM user access to AWS Elastic Beanstalk?

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We can grant IAM users access to services by using policies.

#5. Which API do you need to use to disable or reenable an access key?

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Use this API UpdateAccessKey for reenabling and disabling the access key in AWS.

#6. Which command is used to view the Elastic Beanstalk events that are using AWS CLI?

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 Use eb events to view a list of events output by Elastic Beanstalk.

#7. Company XYZ wants to implement a temporary credential for its users with limited access. How can they achieve this?

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You can use AWS Security Token Service (AWS STS) to get temporary, limited-privilege credentials that can be used to access AWS services.

#8. What type of MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) is supported in AWS?

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MFA adds extra security because it requires users to enter a unique authentication code from an approved authentication device or SMS text message when they access AWS websites or services.

#9. Amazon S3 charge is NOT based on which of the following options?

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Amazon S3 charge is NOT based on EC2 charge. It is based on storage, Data transfer in and data transfer out.

#10. Which of the following APIs is NOT required to get started with Amazon SQS?




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Improve Your Skills in Cloud Computing

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