Engineering is the use of scientific principles to design and build machines, structures, and other items, including bridges, tunnels, roads, etc.

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Free Online Course on Effective Communication Skills for Engineers

Find out the tips and strategies of communicating effectively as an engineer through this course. Effective communications skills are vital in order to ...

Free Online Introductory Course to Electric Vehicle Technology

In this free online course, learn the basic requirements for designing an electric vehicle effectively. This free online course on electric vehicle ...

Free Online Introductory Course to Structural Systems

Learn about structural requirements, structural typology, compressive & temporary structures in this free online course. Introduction to ...

Data Science in the Games Industry

Learn how the games industry can use big data to enhance the gaming experience and increase profits. Use data analysis to build better gaming experiences ...

Applications of AI Technology

Learn how AI technology is influencing four key areas: intelligent systems, Medtech, deep learning, and sustainable fishing Explore fascinating examples of ...

Free Online Introductory Course to Thermodynamics

Discover the laws of thermodynamics as you learn how to calculate chemical properties and predict chemical reactions.

Introduction to Water and Climate

Water is a crucial element in climate and for society. Find out about the latest engineering interventions for water management in rivers, coasts and the ...

Multi-Object Tracking for Automotive Systems

Learn how to localize and track dynamic objects with a range of applications including autonomous vehicles About this course Autonomous vehicles, ...

Micro and Nanofabrication (MEMS)

Learn the fundamentals of microfabrication and nanofabrication by using the most effective techniques in a cleanroom environment. About this course ...

Engineering Design for a Circular Economy

Discover and develop the sustainable design and engineering methods to improve the reuse, repair, remanufacturing, and recycling of products for a circular ...

Circuits and Electronics 3: Applications

Learn about cool applications, op-amps, and filters in the design of microchips used in smartphones, self-driving cars, computers, and the internet. About ...

Circuits and Electronics 2: Amplification, Speed, and Delay

Learn how to speed up digital circuits and build amplifiers in the design of microchips used in smartphones, self-driving cars, computers, and the Internet. ...

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