Careers in Fashion: Design, Development, and Promotion

Explore the many career paths to become a merchandiser, a fashion event producer, or even a fashion designer.

Dive into the world of fashion designers and stylists

On this three-week course from Bloomsbury Academic, you’ll explore the design sector of the fashion industry from two perspectives, the manufacturer and the retailer. You’ll also look at the careers involved in marketing and promoting designers and fashion lines.

Discover design roles for apparel and accessories

From all around the world, fashion designers share their trend and consumer knowledge, as well as their imaginations, personalities, and aesthetic preferences, as they develop their creations.

You’ll delve into fashion design careers, from fashion designer to patternmaker, and discuss the challenges involved in each, as well as the best routes to enter these roles.

Explore the full range of careers in fashion product development

Product development is the creation, production, and marketing of a product from start to finish.

This course will take you through each career within product development, looking at the steps that are taken for each season to create new fashion lines and the roles involved in each step.

Learn about fashion marketing and promotion careers

When you peruse a fashion magazine, such as Vogue, In Style, or W, you are inundated by promotion in the forms of glossy and, sometimes, eyebrow-raising advertisements of fashion brands such as Louis Vuitton, Cynthia Rowley, Versace, and Gucci. This promotion is just one example of fashion marketing.

On the final week of this course, you’ll delve into the many careers within fashion promotion for both designers and manufacturers. This includes roles such as fashion stylist, advertising, public relations, and social media director. You’ll also look at the many types of events and publications that some of these positions will work with.

Who is the course for?

This course is designed for anyone wanting to work in the fashion industry, especially in the fashion design, development, or promotion fields.

Careers in Fashion: Design, Development, and Promotion

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