Capstone: Bringing it all together

Capstone: Bringing it all together – Having completed the seven other courses in the MicroMasters in Writing for Performance and Entertainment Industries, this course gives you the opportunity to put it all together.

The course webinar will focus on the assignments and information regarding referencing, best practices and case studies will be provided throughout the course.

Passing this course is a pre-requisite for those wishing use credit from MicroMasters in Writing for Performance and Entertainment industries as part of their application to the MSt in Writing for Performance at the University of Cambridge.

In this capstone course we will bring together and apply the five most important components of writing successfully for performance and the entertainment industries, across all the mediums we have covered:

1: Understanding story structure, dialogue, character and theme

2: Understanding how to work as your own producer with an entrepreneur’s mindset

3: How to create commercially viable scripts

4: How to anticipate audience reception

5: How to challenge yourself to work experimentally, and to write outside your comfort zone

You will be asked to reflect critically on your experience as well as to refine your favourite piece of work from the course. We will look at best-practice career tips as well, and review one essential concept from each course.

Assessments for this course :

  • 3000 word critical essay based upon a chosen aspect of performance theory or history. Deadline: 20 June 23:59 BST (UTC+1)
    Feedback and marks will be given by our tutors by 11 July and this assignment must be passed at 60%. Each assignment will be double marked and assessed for original content.
    For those progressing to the MSt, this mark will be carried forward as your mark for module 1.

You are encouraged to link this to your own writing practice, and may use ideas from throughout the programme.

  • 10-page script in a medium of your choice. This will be peer-assessed in small groups and you must show evidence of providing as well as receiving feedback in order to pass the course. It will not be graded.
  • Multiple choice test based upon understanding gained in the previous 7 courses.
    Deadline: 4 July 23:59 BST (UTC+1)
    This must be passed at 60% to pass the course and, therefore, MicroMasters program.

This course is the culmination of the MicroMasters program and the learning from this individual course is based upon a consolidation of learning gained from the entire program, specifically:

  • Specialised knowledge of histories, forms, and traditions of writing for performance and the entertainment industries as well as the cultural contexts of innovative practitioners and practices within performative writing; of contemporary critical, analytical, and narrative theories of performativity;
  • Developed advanced self-management skills to include working in planned and improvisatory ways, as well as the ability to anticipate and accommodate change, ambiguity, creative risk-taking, uncertainty and unfamiliarity.
Capstone: Bringing it all together

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