Master C++ For C Programmers, Part B

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The C language is particularly well suited as an introduction to C++ For C Programmers, Part B: It’s a tried-and-true language, and it allows you to understand Programming and computing processes at a deep level.

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About this Course

Skills You Will Gain

  • Graph Theory
  • C++11
  • Standard Template Library
  • C++


3 hours to complete

C++ For C Programmers, Part B: STL and the game of Hex
This module looks at the architecture of the Standard Template Library. It is especially important to understand how iterators are used to access container to produce highly efficient generic algorithms. The module also includes the important new style of function object—the lambda expression.

16 videos (Total 157 min), 1 reading

3 hours to complete

C++ For C Programmers, Part B: Hex as a graph and Inheritance
This module shows how Hex can be played as a game on a graph. This involves its representation as an undirected graph in C++. The module explores the inheritance logic and syntax of C++. A principal example is the base class student and a derived class grad_student.

14 videos (Total 138 min), 1 reading, 1 quiz

2 hours to complete

C++ For C Programmers, Part B: Hex and the use of AI and C++ Move semantics
This module explains Min-Max and the Alpha-Beta algorithm for game playing. Its programming topics include C++ 11 Move semantics and a detailed example of referential garbage collection.

11 videos (Total 133 min), 1 reading

4 hours to complete

C++ For C Programmers, Part B: Monte Carlo Hex Program, Further advanced C++ Topics and Patterns
This module shows how to use Monte Carlo evaluation in complex games such as Hex and Go.

This had led top championship-level play in both these games. The module discusses C++ assertions and exceptions for error handling and the new C++ 11 feature static asserts. Finally, the last part of the module introduces the idea of “Design Pattern”, a feature of modern OO programming.

16 videos (Total 178 min), 1 reading, 1 quiz

2 hours to complete

Final Exam
This module contains three practice exams (which you can take as many times as you’d like) and the final exam, which is worth X% of your grade in this course.

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