Brand Identity: How Branding Works and Building Your Personal Brand

Discover the secrets behind successful brands and how you can use the same techniques to create an effective personal brand.

Start building your personal brand

Why do some brands stand out more than others? On this three-week course, you’ll discover the winning formulas behind successful brands to help you reach and engage with your audience.

This practical course, led by branding expert Professor Jonathan A.J. Wilson, will start you on your journey to developing your personal brand. You’ll learn to put together a style guide and plans of action – turning your thinking into real-world outcomes.

Examine different promotional tools and techniques

You’ll unpack the techniques used by top brands and learn how to use these same ideas in your personal branding.

To help you choose the right promotional tools for your brand, you’ll also critically evaluate and compare techniques to understand the most effective ones for your context.

Understand the importance of marketing communications

In order to reach your target audience, you’ll discover the importance of marketing communications and learn to identify its key aspects.

With this knowledge, you’ll understand how you can apply marketing communications thinking to promote you and your brand.

Explore the role of cultural differences and empathy

You’ll get to reflect on how you currently promote yourself and do a deep dive into what makes you unique, focusing on your cultural background and how to make connections using these insights.

Learning to appreciate cultural differences and developing cultural empathy, you’ll also consider how this can impact brand decisions.

You’ll finish the course by investigating which market is right for you, so you can begin your journey to building your brand.

Who is the course for?

This course is designed for anyone interested in improving how they present themselves.

You may be applying for a job or looking to build your personal brand and increase your network.


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