Behavioural Science: Influencing Behaviour and Designing Decisions

Discover the skills to unlock positive behavioural change in your customers and employees with behavioural scientist Paul Dolan.

Use expert behavioural research to explore decision-making

It’s become clear that the traditional methods of enacting behaviour change aren’t as successful as we might imagine.

This ExpertTrack will introduce you to nine principles that can be used to influence human decision-making to build more effective professional and personal behaviours.

You’ll explore cutting-edge behavioural research on the importance of context in decision-making, and how simply framing a situation differently can lead to an alternative outcome.

Over the course of this ExpertTrack, you’ll discover the range of unconscious factors that underpin decision-making. You’ll also explore why observation is the best way to really understand the complexities of human behaviour.

Learn how to make change and influence people with social psychology

This ExpertTrack will help you understand how to design or alter the environment you live or work in to bring about behavioural change and improve outcomes.

You’ll also explore the importance of considering social psychological factors in your strategies such as norms, messengers, and ego.

Apply behavioural insights to your organisational challenges

You’ll explore behavioural science in a corporate context and how these principles can be leveraged effectively to affect high-stakes decisions positively.

This will help you understand how these principles can be used to create a successful organisational culture.

This ExpertTrack will give you the tools required to address the cognitive and social biases that prevent organisations from performing at their best.

Learn how your customers think by delving into cognitive psychology

We’ll delve into how principles can be leveraged to better understand the behaviours and needs of your customers.

You’ll explore how psychological factors such as priming, salience, and emotions also influence decision-making.

Explore the use of incentives

You’ll finish the ExpertTrack with a look into behavioural economics and how the use of incentives can help motivate positive behavioural change.

You’ll examine mental accounting and the difference between commitments and incentives to explore the most effective ways to change behaviours in your organisation.

By the end of this ExpertTrack, you’ll have the knowledge and skills to implement different tactics from behavioural science to understand your customer’s and employee needs better.

Key skills you will learn

  • Decision making
  • Influencing others
  • Understand yourself & others better
  • Awareness of unconscious bias
  • See the world differently
  • Behaviour change
  • Organisational culture change
Behavioural Science: Influencing Behaviour and Designing Decisions

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