Beauty Decoded: Strategy in the Global Beauty Business

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Get educated on global marketing strategies, the country of origin effect, and more with this three-week beauty business course.

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Learn about business and marketing strategies within the global beauty sector

This informative course will help you learn integrated business and marketing strategies within the global beauty sector, taking into account the differing perspectives of marketing practices across national boundaries.

You’ll learn to prioritize information that influences marketing decisions, and will develop skills in how to handle challenges that may arise within a business or brand.

Discover global marketing strategies to help a beauty business to grow

You’ll get to grips with the strategic implications of the country of origin effect and how this influences customers’ opinions of firms and brands.

You’ll also understand what role technology can play within the beauty business, and will master the strategic implications of segmentation, targeting, and disruptive positioning within global marketing.

Understand the importance of experiential marketing and social responsibility

As well as gaining an understanding of a brand’s social responsibility in today’s world, you’ll then decipher the answers to the question of: What are brands really selling in the age of experiential marketing?

Finally, you’ll get the know-how into how a brand messaging should be developed and clearly defined in order to reflect their values.

Learn from leading industry experts within the global beauty business field

You’ll be taught throughout this three-week course via The Hopenclass by Desiree Reid & Co; leading industry experts in global and multicultural business development, marketing, and branding.

With hands-on expertise in navigating the intersection between business growth and scaling up across cultures and continents, they are leading experts within the global beauty business field, with clients including Avon and Revlon.

What topics will you cover?

  • Global Business Development
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Product Development and Marketing
  • Supply Chain Management and Inventory Optimization

Who is the course for?

This course is suited for early career professionals looking to support the strategy of leaders in the modern beauty industry.

It’s also suited to more advanced career professionals looking to broaden their understanding of the global beauty industry, as well as entrepreneurs looking to build beauty brands.

Beauty Decoded: Strategy in the Global Beauty Business

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