What Are NFTs: Knowing the Basics of NFTs Investing

Have you always been interested in knowing the basics of NFTs investing and cryptocurrency and how that world works, but don’t know where and how to start?

About This Class

Imagine being an artist and wanting to start earning revenue on your art online. Or maybe you are a collector who believes that these assets will grow of value in the future.

Then this is the course, knowing the basics of NFTs investing for you!

In this course I am going to be teaching you the following knowledge:

General, very simple yet valuable knowledge about blockchain technology.

  • How will NFTs change the world as we know it?
  • How to flip Non-fungible tokens and make a lot of money from them.
  • How to mint NFT and start an online career as a digital artist.
  • How to get maximum profit from non-fungible tokens

In this course, knowing the basics of NFTs investing only goes through the general knowledge of NFT and doesn’t dive deep into real-life projects as it will be considered advertising and promoting those projects. Please understand that before enrolling and leaving a bad review not a lot of real-life examples have been shown!

This is also an on-demand lectures course. That means, if you feel you need another added lecture to the course, then feel free to reach out and I will be more than happy to add any lecture of your choosing.

Lessons in This Class

13 Lessons (1h)

1. What Are We Going To Be Talking About In This Course

2. Knowing the basics of NFTs investing: Understanding the Difference Between ERC-20 and ERC-721 (NFT)

3. How Will NFTs Change Our World

4. Why Copy/Paste Is NOT How NFT Works!

5. Should You Get in the NFT World? Is NFT For You?

6. How To Install Metamask

7. How to Pick Good Projects on OpenSea

8. Checking out the Rarity of an NFT Collectible (Which is the Best to Flip)

9. Knowing the basics of NFTs investing: How to Invest in NFT & Make Money!

10. How to Invest in NFT & Make Money! BONUS

11. What is IPFS & Why Do You Need It

12. How To Get Maximum Profits from Investing in NFTs

13. Last Words

Free Course on Knowing the basics of NFTs investing

Originally posted 2022-01-22 22:52:01.


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