Agile for Beginners

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Agile for Beginners: Develop the skills to apply Agile principles to project management as you explore the concepts, tools, and techniques of Agile.

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Gain a solid introduction to Agile project management

Agile methodology is being widely adopted by project managers. This iterative approach promotes collaboration and human interaction to work more efficiently and be responsive to change.

In this seven-week course, you’ll explore the major concepts, tools, techniques, and applications of Agile project management.

You’ll delve into the Agile manifesto to develop crucial Agile skills and learn how to apply them to the workplace. With this knowledge, you’ll also understand how to build and support high-performing teams.

Explore key Agile frameworks

You’ll identify and compare different Agile frameworks and approaches, including Scrum and Extreme Programming, to understand how to implement them into a work environment.

You’ll also explore the values and principles that support Agile theories to build your understanding of the role of Agile values in project management.

Unpack Scaled Agile Framework and other approaches

With your knowledge of Agile frameworks, you’ll delve deeper into Agile Scaling approaches such as Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe), Scrum@Scale, and Nexus. Through examples and discussion, you’ll evaluate Agile Scaling approaches to compare their strengths and weaknesses.

You’ll then discover how organizations can incorporate Agile planning and team dynamics to effectively manage a project in an Agile environment.

Learn how to use Agile tools

The course will wrap up with a survey of commonly-used Agile tools and industry-recognized certifications to help you understand how to select the best option for your work environment.

Guided by industry experts from the University of California, Irvine, you’ll finish the course with a strong foundational knowledge of Agile and will have started to develop key Agile skills you can use in your workplace.

Who is the course for?

This course is designed for anyone interested in Agile practices but will be particularly useful for programmers and project managers.

Agile for Beginners

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