Africa to the World: Analysing the Global Appeal for African Luxury Fashion

Learn how increasing demand for sustainable luxury fashion is dominating the industry and driving demand for African fashion.

Analyse the global appeal for African luxury fashion

Global interest in luxury goods is rising, with a notable return to artisanship and story-telling.

With a long history of creating goods that focus on traditions of great craftspeople, the opportunities are boundless for African creatives to find success beyond the mass, fast-fashion consumption model.

On this four week course, you’ll examine the vast African continent’s growth and increasing global appeal. You’ll also explore the opportunities and challenges for the future of African luxury fashion brands to market themselves and scale to a global audience.

Investigate consumer psychology

Reflecting on the impact technology has had on access to luxury and its narrative, you will learn how politics, both local and global, impact consumer psychology.

You’ll explore how the decision-making process behind luxury shoppers is motivated by a number of factors and how this has impacted African brands’ global appeal.

Explore the relationship between African cultures and luxury.

After investigating the role culture plays in the meaning and purpose of luxury, you’ll explore how luxury is embedded in African cultures and what this means for brands.

An introduction to some of the most dynamic and emerging luxury fashion brands across the continent will further your understanding of why Africa means business.

Learn from fashion industry experts

Guided by The Hopenclass, a global think tank intersecting culture and academia, you’ll explore how cultural shifts and consumer demands for authentic luxury fashion are helping to place African creatives on a worldwide stage.

You’ll also learn from industry expert Moses, founder of Moshions – a successful luxury fashion brand from Rwanda to help you finish the course with a deep understanding of luxury fashion in the Global South.

What topics will you cover?

  • Learn how politics, local and global, impact the consumer psychology of luxury buyers
  • Gain an understanding of the role culture plays in the meaning and purpose of luxury
  • How is luxury embedded in African cultures?
  • Opportunities and challenges for African brands to market themselves and scale

Who is the course for?

This course is designed for anyone with an interest in fashion.

It will be particularly useful if you would like to learn more about current and future fashion consumer trends.

Africa to the World: Analysing the Global Appeal for African Luxury Fashion

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