Advanced Agile with Scrum and Kanban

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Advanced Agile with Scrum and Kanban: Develop your Agile knowledge as you explore key frameworks to help improve your process efficiency.

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Explore Agile concepts in product management

On this seven-week course, you’ll build on your foundational knowledge of Agile and start to develop more advanced Agile skills to use in the workplace.

Through a series of hands-on exercises, you’ll delve into key areas of Agile as well as tools and techniques for practical application.

You’ll explore Scrum, Extreme Programming, Lean, and Kanban to gain a thorough understanding of how to apply Agile concepts in product management.

Build your understanding of Extreme Programming (XP)

You’ll learn the values of Extreme Programming to help you understand how to use this Agile software development framework to improve software quality.

You’ll also develop practical skills in Scum activities like executing the product backlog and contributing to a sprint retrospective.

Learn how to manage tasks with a Kanban board

As you expand your understanding of project management tools, you’ll learn how to organise and manage tasks with a Kanban board.

This knowledge will ensure you can use Kanban boards to help you maximise efficiency and workflow.

Use the Cynefin Framework to support your organisation

To help improve problem-solving and decision-making within your organisation, you’ll learn how to utilise A3 thinking and the Cynefin Framework. This understanding will help you respond more accurately and appropriately to issues that arise in your workplace.

Guided by industry experts in the technology sector, you’ll finish the course with both theoretical and practical knowledge to help you implement advanced Agile methodologies.

Who is the course for?

This course is designed for those with prior knowledge of Agile. It explores advanced topics that will most be suited for project managers and programmers.

Advanced Agile with Scrum and Kanban

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