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    The updated version of the Nigerian Army Recruitment Past Questions & Answers. This is a compilation of all recruitment tests and exams taken by candidates. This past question and answer contain 300+ well-answered questions, even with a comprehensive application guide and requirements.

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    Nigeria Army shortlisted candidates CBT test would start anytime soon and candidates are supposed to prepare for the NA aptitude test. The Army shortlisted candidates will be tested in the following areas;

    1. Critical thinking test
    2. Verbal reasoning
    3. Numerical test
    4. Current affairs
    5. General knowledge

    The past questions and answers also contain a comprehensive guide and requirements for application. Below are some of the questions:


    1. If forty people donated N6 a month to a cooperative society for one year, how much would be collected?

    a) N288
    b) N2,880 (CORRECT)
    c) N28,000
    d) None of the above

    2. Reorganise the following sentences into the order in which they were originally written. X: They give special practice at improving your ability to calculate. Y: Where you see QR beside an exercise or a question, this stands for Quantitative Reasoning. Z: You should do and discuss these questions with your teacher and classmates.

    a) XYZ
    b) XZY
    c) YXZ
    d) YZX (CORRECT)

    3. If the word HAVE is written under the word FARM, the word COST is written above the word FARM and the word GATE is written under the word HAVE, what word can be read diagonally?

    a) HAS
    b) ORE
    c) RAG (CORRECT)
    d) CAVE

    4. 6 + 9 = Z. Therefore

    a) Z = 15 (CORRECT)
    b) Z = 16
    c) Z = 17
    d) Z = 18

    5. If you have four-fifths of N100 and spend N36.00, how much will you be left with?

    a) N9
    b) N44 (CORRECT)
    c) N64
    d) N424

    6. If the word DONE is written under the word BALL, the word COLD is written above the word BALL and the word SING is written above the word COLD, how many words can be read diagonally?
    a) 2
    b) 3
    c) 4
    d) 5 (CORRECT)


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