Guide to Helping Youth Overcome Addiction

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Addiction is a serious issue that affects young people in a variety of ways. It is essential to educate them about the risks and provide them with healthy alternatives to addictive behaviours. With the right support and resources, young people can overcome addiction and build healthy, successful lives. Follow this series and learn more.
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What I will learn?

  • Substance abuse among teens (how to prevent it)
  • The impact of peer pressure on adolescent addiction
  • The role of social media in youth addiction
  • The effects of trauma and mental health on youth addiction
  • The link between poverty and youth addiction
  • The effects of parental addiction on children and teens
  • The long-term consequences of youth addiction on physical and mental health.
  • and more

Course Curriculum

Introduction to the Program & How to Join Live Training

  • What you should know about addiction, its effect and solution
  • Click here to join the live training

Addiction and The Youth (preventing and helping youth overcome addictive behavior)

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Material Includes

  • Live Training
  • Free E-book
  • Support
  • Consultation
  • Access to Previous Classes
  • Certificate of Completion


Target Audience

  • Youths
  • Teens
  • Teachers
  • Parents & Guardians

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Eyes opening and full of enlightenment... Kudos

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