Free Book: A-Z Know-How For HND And 2.2 Graduates Seeking Scholarships Abroad

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#0 (Free) 1500 Download

ACEworld Publishers has compiled an extensive guide on how you can get admitted into a Master’s or PhD program abroad with a Nigeria Polytechnic HND or 2.2. With what you are going to be offered in this guide, be rest assured that you are not going to do anything out of the ordinary to get your scholarships.

In a highly competitive system like Nigeria and Africa in general, where everyone is seeking a scholarship, HND, and 2.2 graduates find themselves unlucky because they are often not qualified for any scholarship. Little do they know that there is a key to every lock.

e-Book Summary

Author: ACEworld Publishers (with Sam Rantimi Dada & Ijeoma Anastasia Ntada)
Publisher: ACEworld Publishers
ISBN: 978-978-58560-7-1
No. of Pages: 20
Paperback: Not Available
E-Book: Get below

Course Outline

The topics below and many more are detailed in the guide.

1. Introduction: How to seek and win scholarships abroad as an HND holder and 2.2 graduate.

2. Top-up Program: Conversion to Degree for

  • HND holders with lower credit or pass
  • BSC/HND Graduates willing to change course
  • University Graduates with 3rd Class or Pass

3. Available Institutions:

  • List of Nigerian institutions offering the Conversion program.
  • List of foreign institutions offering the Conversion program.

4. Know-How on World Educational Services: How to get a Top-up Degree or Covert your HND to BSC with World Education Services (WES).

WES is a nonprofit organization that provides credential evaluations for international students and immigrants planning to study or work in the United States.

5. Email Composition: How to write an email to a professor in your scholarship school of choice for master’s and PhD program.

6. Samples of Emails to a Professor: Examples of email and templates you can follow to write emails to your professor.

7. Funding: Proven facts about getting MSc and PhD funding from your scholarship institution.

8. Statement of Purpose: How to write a statement of purpose about yourself and your achievement in a way it will convince the selection committee.

9. Seeking Scholarships: Practical steps on how to search for schools that offer your course.

10. Conclusion: Free access to hundreds of foreign scholarships all around the world.

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