A Beginner’s Guide to Java Programming

Learn the fundamentals of Java programming and improve your test automation processes.

Discover programming basics, from conditional statements to data types in Java

Developers with knowledge of Java, one of the most popular programming languages, are highly sought-after across almost all industries, allowing for wide-ranging career opportunities.

On this three-week course, you’ll get to grips with Java basics. You’ll be introduced to key programming terminology and operations, learning how to apply these skills to increasingly complex projects.

Improve your knowledge of object oriented programming (OOP) languages

An understanding of OOP languages is vital for aspiring programmers. By mastering one OOP language, you can easily transfer your skills to develop your knowledge of other similar languages.

You’ll explore the basics of OOP languages, learning about key concepts including classes and objects and data encapsulation, as well as specific programming methods in Java.

Through hands-on exercises, you’ll begin to understand the real-world applications of Java within more complex projects.

Learn to program in an integrated development environment (IDE)

An IDE is a useful piece of software that combines a range of developer tools into one interface, simplifying your application building processes.

You’ll be guided through writing your first Java program within the Eclipse IDE, gaining transferable skills to use across other IDEs and programming languages in future projects.

Explore programming concepts including inheritance, abstraction, and polymorphism

Having covered classes and objects, you’ll go on to examine the other major concepts that define OOP processes. You’ll then delve into more complex operations including programming with arrays and lists in Java.

By the end of this course, you’ll understand the concepts, functions, and operations of Java and be able to demonstrate its real-life applications and advantages.

Who is the course for?

This course is designed for anyone wanting to develop a foundational understanding of Java programming. It is particularly suitable for anyone considering a mobile and web testing career.

A Beginner's Guide to Java Programming

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