A Beginner’s Guide to Film Genres

Explore what genre means in film and how it shapes both the narrative and the audience’s response to the story on screen.

Discover how cinematic experiences are shaped by the conventions of film genre

Whether you’re considering a career in the film industry or you want to improve your movie knowledge, this four-week course will prepare you to examine critical approaches to genre films and theory.

Explore film theory approaches in the context of genre and film narrative

On this course, you’ll investigate genre in film and in a wider artistic context, and discover how film genres have evolved over time. You’ll also explore three genres in depth and learn key storytelling techniques that highlight specific genre conventions.

With this understanding, you’ll be able to identify genre films and contextualise directorial decisions that emphasise the portrayed genre.

Investigate how genre impacts filmmaking decisions from film production to marketing

When a genre film is produced, it brings with it audience expectations affecting production choices and marketing strategies. You’ll discover the challenges that genre films bring to making and marketing a film and how these constraints are tackled by the industry.

With this knowledge, you’ll gain insights into the film production process and the impact audience expectations and thematic conventions can have on decision making.

Develop your knowledge of the film industry, guided by experts in film studies

On this course, you’ll learn from educators with expertise in film theory who can help you gain theoretical and practical insights into genre filmmaking.

Using a combination of interviews and film extracts, you’ll have the opportunity to bring your own cinematic experiences into the discussion, enabling you to explore different perspectives alongside other learners.

By the end of this course, you will understand what generic films are and how the film industry capitalises on the enduring popularity of genre films with audiences.

Who is the course for?

This course is designed for anyone with a beginner’s interest in film. It would be particularly useful for those studying film at either A level or degree level.

A Beginner’s Guide to Film Genres

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