Free Course on Women in Arts: From 1900 until today

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Discover the women who created modern and contemporary art, as well as those who continue to have a significant influence today.

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About This Course

Explore the history of art via the astonishing works of female painters. This seven-week course will take you on a journey through an alternate history of modern and contemporary art, one that focuses on the movement’s remarkable female creators.

This  course will introduce you to women in art from 1900 to the present through a series of movies, quizzes, and exercises.

Women artists of various countries have shaped art throughout the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, including visual artists, sculptors, painters, and photographers, as well as video and performance artists.

On this course, you will be learning

About women’s roles in art history and the connections between art and feminism.

You’ll take a deep dive into women artists throughout history, exploring how their works questioned and revolutionized art as we know it today, with a focus on the pioneering Linda Nochlin.

Learn how women influenced the avant-garde movement. You’ll stop at important points throughout art history to obtain a thorough grasp of the role of women in art.

From 1910 to 1930, you’ll learn about how women shaped the avant-garde, feminist turning moments in the 1960s and 1970s, and gender issues from 1980 to current. At the Centre Pompidou, you may learn from the professionals.

The experts of the Centre Pompidou, which houses the National Museum of Modern Art, will assist you throughout the course. You’ll not only study about art history and where women in art are today, but you’ll also have the chance to make work in reaction to what you’ve learned.


Week 1: What is the significance of the word “women”? Display a weekly breakdown

Week 2: What Role Do Women Play in the History of Art? Display a weekly breakdown

Week 3: 1910-1930: Women Shaping the Avant-Garde Display a weekly breakdown

Week 4: 1960-1970: The Feminist Turning Point Display

Week 5 Gender Trouble: 1980 to Today

Week 6: What Do We Do Now? Display a weekly breakdown

Week 7 Now, who is the artist? Display a weekly breakdown

If you’d want to participate when our instructors are teaching the course, You can meet other students, share your views, and participate in active conversations in the comments at any time during the course.

What will you accomplish?

You’ll be able to… by the end of the course.

  • Develop your art history expertise.
  • Give an example of a work of art.
  • Talk to experts and other students about it.
  • Experiment with your talent by creating art.
  • Investigate the massive female artiste output.
  • Make new art acquaintances.
  • Recognize a piece of art or an artist.

Who is this course aimed at?

This course is for anyone who wants to learn more about women’s roles in the arts. Those who like art history and feminism will find it very interesting.

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